THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE, an audio/visual project based out of Toronto, offers up a lot of healthy experimentation in concept musicianship. The variation of artistic and multimedia talents possessed by the band members, has made for a unique overall presence, while still maintaining a cohesive theme. In their development, the band have discovered a very neutral and compromising ground between the light and dark facets of music - blending fantasy with dark realism, and the paradoxes of horror with humor, love with irony etc ...

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The Birthday Massacre

Funker Vogt Noblesse Olbige (Germany / France)

Noblesse Oblige was formed in early 2004 by Franco / German duo Sebastian and Valerie.  Their debut album Privilege Entails Responsibility, released to much critical acclaim in 2006 on Horseglue Records, comprises an eclectic mix of disco punk, sixties French chanson, military beats, transgressive folklore and raw acoustic ballads filled with ...

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Fictional FICTIONAL (Germany)

Gerrit Thomas, one of the masterminds behind Funker Vogt and Ravenous, formed FICTIONAL in the late 1990's to create a hybrid between the two bands. The project forged high energy music similar to Funker Vogt with vocal styles of Ravenous to make a pounding, non-stop electro mix that is entirely contagious ...

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Funker Vogt FUNKER VOGT (Germany)

When FUNKER VOGT was founded in 1995 by Gerrit Thomas and Jens Kästel. nobody could foresee that, within just one year, it would grow into one of the leading electro-acts of today. Originally, it had been envisaged as just one more of Gerrit Thomas's many musical projects; but the project took the world by storm and grew to become GT's main act ...

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Fusspils 11 FUSSPILS11 (Germany)

Since their 1998 album debut "Gib ihr einen Namen", fans and critics eagerly await the arrival of the next chapter. The crew around FUSSPILS 11 took a well-deserved break, but now they're back again! They return now triumphantly reborn with brand new album ''Elektro-Polizei'' ( ''Electro Police'' ) having tasked themselves with restoring law and order within the electronic music scene ( a terrible pun, but unavoidable ! ) ...

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The LoveCraft THE LOVECRAVE (Italy)

The story of The LoveCrave, born amongst the metropolitan ashes of the big city, Milan united with the gothic and silent atmosphere of Venice. The mix of sounds is an explosive magic potion and The LoveCrave realized it right away when they played together for the first time. The experience and the great artistic discharge of every component of the band ooze like an evil Venice fog that covers your heart at the first listen ...

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Novakill NOVAKILL (Australia)

"HARD TECH FOR A HARD WORLD" is NOVAkILL's debut album and represents several years of hard work. This 10 track CD encompasses the 7 year history of NOVAkILL. The tracks cover the full Electro-Industrial gamut from the slow, churning menace of SkREAMflesh and OBSESSION to the flat-out adrenaline rush of SUFFERING and PSYkObomb ...

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Underwater Pilots UNDERWATER PILOTS (Germany)

Underwater Pilots are Manuel G. Richter and Gregoire Vanoli. They are a german band creating electronic pop music with subtile darkness, melodic hooklines and dancable beats. Mostly they are located in the area of dark-electro and the future-pop-scene ...

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