RepoRecords is an independent label, founded in 2001 and so far we have a big variety of CDs and DVDs in our catalogue.

We started out as artists and got experience in managing ourselves. We worked with several labels worldwide, but so far we haven't found a really perfect and artist friendly label. That is why we have founded our own label. A label run by artists for artists! As a label we are really flexible and try to fullfil all our artist wishes as much as possible.

We are promoting the music on our label mainly in the alternative- and pop-scene. So we are capable of bringing the cds of our bands in all the cd shops and online-stores in Europe or even worldwide!

So basically we can promise our artists a good promotion and placement in the European (this includes Russia) alternative-, pop- and electroscene (print-, online and club promotion).

We are also able to handle our artist’s rights world wide including the United States. Here we work together with a couple of trustworthy companies.

As we don't have many releases over the year, we have the time and power to concentrate on our few releases and artists with 100%. So far we had a good success building up some newcomers in Europe. Our most prominent artists are Funker Vogt (we have got the complete backkatalogue), The LoveCrave and the Canadian band "The Birthday Massacre”. We also worked successfully together with the german foundation "Initiative Musik", developing newcomers like our band "Noblesse Oblige".